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If you currently hold or previously held a credential or have conducted business with the Department, please create an account by clicking here.

If you have never held a credential or conducted business with the Department, please create an account here.

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How to Use eSLA - To set up your eSLA account, first complete section A below and then associate any business accounts following steps in section B. Once you complete the initial eSLA account setup in section A, log in as an existing user to the right of the eSLA Customer Portal page every time you return.

A. First-Time eSLA User Account Setup

Watch the eSLA Customer Portal Log In video for a quick walkthrough or complete the steps below.
If you have previously done business with the Department, follow the Existing DSPS Customer steps:
  1. Go to the eSLA Customer Portal at
  2. Create a new account by selecting the Existing DSPS Customer button.
  3. Select Obtain Security Code to link your existing data from the old system to eSLA.
  4. Submit the email linked to your DSPS account, or submit your social security number.
  5. After you receive your code, return to the previous page to create your new account.
If you have never done business with the Department, select New DSPS Customer and enter your information to create a new account.

B. Adding a Business Account in eSLA

Watch the Add a Business in eSLA video for a walkthrough or complete the following steps:
  1. Go to the eSLA Customer Portal at
  2. Log in to the right of the page under "Existing eSLA Users" by entering the email and password you used to create your account in section A above.
  3. Hover over your name in the top right corner of the "Dashboard" page, and select Manage Business.
  4. Add an existing business that has been registered with the Department previously by selecting the down arrow to expand the "Add Existing Business" section.
  5. Select Obtain Security Code, then select Email or FEIN to enter the email/FEIN for the business and have the security code sent to the business' email address on file.
  6. Once you receive the security code, enter it in the Security Code field of the "Add Existing Business" section and select Submit.
  7. On the prompts that appear, select Continue to proceed with the process, select Submit to begin the user upgrade, and select Return to Dashboard once finished.
  8. Navigate to the Manage Business page to view the business account(s) added in a "Current Business(es)" table at the top of the page.
  9. Add a new business not previously registered with the Department by selecting the down arrow to expand the "Add New Business" section.
  10. Enter the business' details in the fields provided and select Submit to create the business account.

ATTENTION TO ALL eSLA USERS: For security purposes, the eSLA site is equipped with a Session Timeout. This timeout countdown will reset whenever the user interacts with the web page. Ensuring idle users are logged out quickly significantly reduces system exposure to data breach. The timeout is set for 30 minutes, if no interaction is detected after 30 minutes, work done during the session may be lost and you may be required to start from the beginning.